How to choose the right skirt?

How to choose the right skirt?

How to choose the right skirt?

Skirt, the feminine garment par excellence. So here is a guide that helps you discover its history and all the models available. To learn how to choose the right skirt for your body and your style. In order to buy the model that best suits your physical characteristics. Getting informed before you buy is the best way to get the best out of your money and be sure you have bought the right garment.

It is useless to deny it: times change, fashions do not stop their unstoppable race towards the future. But the skirt remains the most powerful weapon of mass destruction. How many men have been victims of it? And how many will still perish, crushed by the charm and seduction released by this remnant of fabric that the woman. As the most skilled of the sorcerers, knows how to wear with wisdom and regal bearing?


The skirt has made an unimaginable number of men fall in love, weak and fragile in front of a skillfully veiled female body and continues, undeterred, her extraordinary work. Even today, and so it will always be. Be wary of the man who prefers an undressed body to a well-designed one, even if covered: since the world began. The see-through has collected hearts upon hearts, pierced by so much ardor and so much insurmountable perfection. Of course, so much importance attached to this garment makes choosing the right skirt a real commitment of responsibility for the woman.


We must always try to understand how to choose the right skirt, for us and for others. And this also applies to women: it is not only men who know how to appreciate female beauty. Even the woman herself knows how to evaluate and notice the others. And she certainly knows how to understand how important she is to know how to wear her own clothes, including the skirt.

Knowing how to present oneself to the world. Knowing how to show oneself to the eyes of others swaying on dizzying heels, with the body artfully wrapped in a seductive suit whose skirt reveals the most sinuous curves, is truly an innate talent. An all-female prerogative.

So how to choose the right skirt?

So let yourself be tempted and enchanted by one of the most historic garments in the women’s wardrobe. And if you intend to discover and decipher the secret of feminine charm and seduction. All you have to do is open the doors of the wardrobes (I guess overcrowded!) Of your women, you will find yourself soon in front of an unimaginable show. The show of tempting grace and unforgiving charm. The skirt is on stage, the main garment that distinguishes and paints the soul, the energy and the eros that every woman releases.




In fact, it was the year 1963 when the twenty-one-year-old teen fashion designer Mary Quant. Who exports from the British capital one of the items of clothing that will upset the entire international fashion system: the miniskirt. The garment could barely cover the bare minimum and left the legs practically uncovered. A real revolution not only in the women’s wardrobe. But also and above all in the civil and moral status of the time. The invention did not hesitate to arouse criticism, objections, accusations and proposals for censures and sanctions.

But history can confirm it, fashion crushed every vein of disapproval, condemnation, blame and criticism. And the miniskirt entered the good graces of every woman who wanted to be noticed for its elegance and its modernity. Also progress and whoever wore one knew and showed to be in step with the times.

Certainly, it was not only and only women who appreciated it, on the contrary. Men began to get a stiff neck by dint of turning around, perhaps in the street, in order to admire the seductive charm of such a revolutionary but never vulgar garment worn by a pretty and elegant girl. be it a skirt, a shirt, a belt, a tie or a pair of trousers) it is not enough to put it on and leave the house. Absolutely not, get this out of your head.




And why not focus on the so-called wrap skirt instead? Imagine the fabric you love the most or your favorite fabric that, wrapped around your waist, will close on the front, thanks to two or more buttons that will guarantee you comfort and lightness. A skirt that, with a handful of buttons or ribbons, will make you the most elegant and refined princess on planet Earth.

Choosing the wrap skirt, then, is really for all women. It does not require a statuesque physique and straight legs like the trunk of a tree, but it gives lightness and refinement even to the less gifted (obviously always talking about legs). It is a skirt that forgives slight physical defects, in short, that does not require the perfection of the lines and that is favorably granted to all. Beautiful and ugly.




In the large group of aficionadas to skirts of all sorts, there will always be someone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Or rather, the kind of skirt I’ve just introduced.
Perhaps, indeed certainly, you will have worn one at least once in your life. And did not know in the least that you were going around on board an amazing example of a longuette skirt.

This model refers specifically to skirts that exceed the knee in length compared to the more classic, standard skirts that notoriously stop there.

It is certainly present in the imagination of all of us when we think of our mothers: each of us. If he thinks for a moment of his dear and adored mommy, imagines her swaddled and dressed in a skirt that goes down beyond the knee. Well, on that occasion our mother was wearing a midi skirt. Is everything clear now?

To choose the longuette skirt are not only for the not so young, quite the contrary. You would be making a colossal mistake that the world, with all its fleeting and fluctuating fashion conventions, will not forgive you easily. Fashion is known, it comes and goes, and with it also skirts. Including longuette skirt, who loves to draw the shapes of young women and mature women with the same gracefulness and the same softness as always.

A tip: under any longuette it is preferable and advisable to wear a nice pair of shoes. Maybe with some precious details, with an unusual color or a particular shape. The reason is obvious: the length of the skirt will leave ample room for the imagination and since the legs will both be well covered. The attention of others will fall on the only part that is well exposed: the feet. And therefore, the shoes.




The particular flared model whose shape resembles that of any bell is called a bell skirt. You say that the one lying inert in your closet doesn’t remind you of a sweet bell? Try to wear it gracefully and make a slight turn and you will see that it will take on new life.

On the other hand, clothing items must be lived, animated, never abandon them in a corner of the wardrobe and forget about them. Rather give them away, but don’t let them die. I remind you that a bell skirt should preferably be worn with a rather low shoe, preferably flattened. The ideal would be a sober dancer: if the fabric of the skirt is without too many pretensions. It is aimed at a cute, perhaps funny and witty shoe. Colored.

If, on the other hand, the fabric fantasy is already ambitious in itself, forget about the bright shades. And focus on a plain-colored ballerina that recalls those of the skirt. Nothing easier.




An instrument of seduction and a true object of desire for men (who would like to see it on any woman). And women (who adore it but can’t see it on). The classic sheath dress leaves no way out. It draws shapes and silhouettes as it is better than a pencil with a soft tip. It sculpts the body and leaves no room for imagination and fantasy: what is under the skirt, you can see.

Particularly tight, the pencil skirt does not exceed the knee. There are, however, some models that go well beyond the average length to touch the ankles that they expertly leave in plain sight.

Feminine ankles, like the curves that show and demonstrate this wonderful gift of fashion, are one of the strong points of any woman. Loaded with eroticism and charm. They promise the divine charm typical of the female gender that boasts this and a thousand other tricks up its sleeve. Men are crazy about this model. Not only because it outlines the female body, its curves and shapes. But because it does not make the rest in the least vulgar, on the contrary it brightly enhances it.

It is not pretentious, it is not excessive, and if black it is of a practically supernatural aesthetic perfection. In short, the item of clothing that should not be missing in any woman’s wardrobe: she does not engage and seduces. In addition to courting your own body and that of others. To the good connoisseur …



In addition to asking ourselves how to choose the right skirt in terms of model. We must also ask ourselves about the fabric. Which one to identify when choosing the right skirt for your style? There is really plenty of choice.

The designers have now indulged themselves to propose the unlikely on the catwalk. But if you want to focus on comfort, I suggest silk and jersey, perfect for any occasion.
I also add viscose, softer and more fluctuating, and jeans. Now the main fabric of every possible and imaginable item of clothing.

Obviously, the choice must also include the model of the skirt. The season in which you are going to wear it. And above all the occasion or event you will have to attend.

So, what can I say, do vobis. I trust in your good taste and, as mentioned about the miniskirt, in your common sense. Fundamental in every field and occasion, especially in terms of fashion.



I hope this article ”how to choose the right skirt?” served you well. You can share your ideas too on the comment section below. Also do not forget to visit our website URS FASHION to shop our latest outfits like party gowns and dresses. You can also get customized outfits as per your preference.


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