How To Glam Up In Suit?

How To Glam Up In Suit?

How To Glam Up In Suit?

How To Glam Up In Suit?

Recently, the suit has made a comeback, a symbol of elegance. If in the past it was intended, almost exclusively, for elegant events or career women, today this idea of ​​the suit is almost cleared through customs and the fashion industries have totally revolutionized the way to wear it. The trend emerged following the wake of genderless fashion, which uniforms men’s and women’s fashion, creating garments suitable for both sexes, just like the trousers and the jacket, which have always been considered unisex fashion elements. Let’s see further on how to glam up in suit?

All the secrets to wearing a suit and combining it in the right way

In this article we will help you create super fashion outfits by renovating an old suit or buying a new one on URS FASHION.


How To Glam Up In Suit?


The suit: A garment to wear every day

Like all fashionable garments of this historical period. Even the elegant jacket and trouser suits have been revisited in a comfy key. Becoming part of casual and informal clothing to wear every day; not only in the office or at an elegant dinner, therefore, but also to go shopping or for a lunch with friends.
The lines have softened and the fabrics have become less structured, to satisfy that female public looking for glamorous looks without sacrificing comfort. The suit, increasingly appreciated by young fashion girls, has therefore become a must-have garment to wear day and night. Thanks to its lively and elegant versatility.

Tips for wearing a suit jacket and trousers

Depending on the occasion of use and your own body shape, it is possible to use a suit in many different ways.


How To Glam Up In Suit?

According to the occasion of use

For a meeting or a job interview, opt for a more serious, single-color model, made up of a double-breasted jacket and trousers. Choose neutral colors like blue, black, gray or beige. The same cut will also go well for a ceremony, even if you can dare with more gaudy colors or pastel shades: this coral red suit with flared trousers is an example. If you are looking for a more graceful look for the event, you can choose a suit with a long jacket and miniskirt with flaps, or a blazer-shaped dress, a real must this year.

For daytime outings , whether it’s a lunch, a walk downtown or a coffee with a friend, choose a separate suit. For example, you can combine colored ankle-length trousers with an open black jacket. Or alternatively, you can wear elegant neutral trousers with a patterned jacket. Complete this street-style look with a cropped t-shirt if you want to make it even more informal. Or with a women’s blouse to add a touch of class.


How To Glam Up In Suit?


Based on your body shape

Women have different builds. And they must not, for any reason, give up wearing what they love thinking they are not up to expectations. However, there are some precautions to consider. When choosing new items to add to your wardrobe, tricks to learn that can help enhance your body.

If you want to learn more about the subject. You can read our article that explains how to choose clothing that fits your body .

As far as suits are concerned, there are some tips not to be forgotten in order to buy a model that fits your silhouette perfectly:
● prefer a long jacket if you have very pronounced hips;
● avoid the longuette skirt , if you are not very slender;
● choose high-waisted palazzo trousers to  make the figure slimmer;
● one who have a few extra pounds, stop choosing a pattern with horizontal stripes. Preferring instead vertical stripes and neutral colors, especially in the part of the body that tends to be more buxom;
● always for softer women, the advice is to choose fabrics that are not too thick. Such as velvet or tweed, because they create greater thickness;
● anyone who have small breasts, it is better to increase the volume of the upper part of the body. By choosing a jacket with pronounced shoulder pads. While, for those with abundant breasts, opt for a model buttoned at the waist .


How To Glam Up In Suit?

Tailored: All the combinations to try

Tailored jackets are considered the keystone of the women’s wardrobe to be combined with a skirt or trousers. They can be an excellent wildcard for creating classic and formal outfits, but also more casual and modern looks.

In any case you have an old suit, it is not necessary to wear it in its entirety. But, to make cover outfits, it will be enough to decompose the elegant two-piece suit :

● You can combine the jacket of the suit with flared jeans or straight denim and create a perfect everyday look. Ideal for more informal situations, but also to show off in the office to add a youthful touch;
● Also you can wear a colorful suit together with a sequined top and gold and silver accessories for the evening. Combine it with a tone-on-tone or contrasting t-shirt, for a late afternoon aperitif.

Complete the first look proposed by wearing a pair of rounded décolleté or platform sneakers. While you can combine the second outfit with a pair of slingbacks with low heels or platform moccasins. They both represent an economic solution to renew an old suit. And make it more current, in line with new trends.


Wrap !!!

So, this is it…now you all know how to glam up in suit? Don’t wait just try out the above tips and slay it. Also, do not forget to check out our web store and grab our latest and affordable collection of dresses and accessories which are not just the fashion products bur it is handmade with lots of love…




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