What To Gift On International Women’s Day: March 8, 2023

What To Gift On International Women's Day: March 8, 2023

What To Gift On International Women’s Day: March 8, 2023

Choosing a gift for a woman is such a simple and at the same time difficult task. Because I want the surprise to be not only a pleasant sign of attention, but also really brings joy. It would seem that the choice of presents in 2023 is very impressive, so the search for congratulations for the fair sex should not cause much trouble and bring endless torment of choice. Check out What To Gift On International Women’s Day: March 8, 2023…

Gift ideas for women on March 8

Agree, it is quite difficult to meet women’s expectations, even if sometimes ladies seem very unpretentious or even undemanding. Therefore, the surest (and easiest) way to guess her wishes is to ask directly what gift she is waiting for. And then complement this present with her favorite flowers or sweets. Thus, it will turn out to give the right gift, and do not forget about the effect of surprise.

True, if instead of a specific answer you are offered to “create yourself”, then we suggest using our presentation options, and supplement them with the “traditional” attributes of International Women’s Day.

The main thing to remember is that March 8 is a spring holiday, so the gift must match the season, and mittens or a ski suit are unlikely to come in handy. Only if the girl is really not going to indulge in “winter fun” in the near future.

What To Gift On International Women's Day: March 8, 2023

1. For the beauty or lifestyle products

Perhaps this is the most common and win-win category among gifts. One has only to go on the eve of the holiday to any perfume or cosmetic store, as you will be offered to get a gift certificate . Do not refuse – so you will not lose with the choice of means, and you will definitely present a useful present.

Believe me, such a gift will definitely come in handy for any girl or woman: after all, in such stores she can buy both toothpaste or shampoo, and buy her favorite perfume or cream. And for younger women, you can buy, for example, a certificate for a toy store or for baby care cosmetics.

If not a certificate, then classic ready-made sets of various products will always come in handy, where it remains only to decide on the aroma:

  • balms or body milk;
  • beautiful outfits
  • bath foam or salt;
  • a set of samplers of perfumes of various palettes – the girl will be able to order the fragrance she likes separately in full;
  • moisturizing hand cream;
  • a set of lip balms;
  • a set of aroma oils;
  • universal sets of cosmetics (face cream, micellar water, moisturizing lotion) suitable for all skin types;
  • soap of an unusual shape;
  • face patches;
  • face masks, also suitable for all skin types;
  • devices for applying cosmetics (reusable sponge for washing, silicone brush, apparatus for heating and applying a mask on the face);
  • a portable dispenser of refreshing and moisturizing facial skin products, where you can pour purified water or your own beauty products;
  • face and neck massagers.

Most often, you can find all of the listed options, completed together in a beautiful gift set.

Do not forget about hair styling products , necessary for almost every modern lady – these are popular gadgets that combine a hairdryer, a curling iron and a hair straightener.

You can offer to pay for a trip to the salon, where a woman will get a festive professional styling and makeup, as well as manicures, pedicures and other care procedures. And for lovers of cosmetic procedures – to renew a subscription to a beauty salon. Just please clarify to the recipient of your gifts that this is by no means a hint of her “untidiness”: she is beautiful even without all these means, and all the presents will only emphasize her beauty.


2. Health

For the laziest, or rather pragmatic, you can also go through the classics of “ready-made” gifts:

  • certificate for SPA procedures;
  • massage course for the whole body or separately – for the back, head, hands;
  • subscription to the nearest fitness center (preferably with a swimming pool);
  • or a separate subscription to the pool;
  • certificate for a floating session;
  • trial lessons of stretching, yoga or gymnastics on aerial canvases.

If a girl is already engaged in a certain sports club and monitors her diet, a delivery course for ready-made boxes with proper nutrition is perfect. If the addressee of your gift carefully monitors his health, then it will also be useful for her to receive:

  • certificate for a complete check-up of the organism;
  • DNA test that determines the “genetic passport”, origin or innate abilities;
  • a certificate in dentistry that can be spent on any service you like, whether it is professional oral hygiene, whitening, treatment, extraction of teeth, and so on.

The following beauty gadgets will be useful for girls of any age:

  • air humidifier (for the room or compact on the table);
  • irrigator;
  • electronic toothbrush;
  • hot tub;
  • pillow “with memory effect”;
  • “smart” scales;
  • smart watch;
  • massage glasses;
  • massage chair


3. Jewelry

After flowers, chocolate, and cosmetics, jewelry is next on the list of “traditional” and highly versatile gifts. Engagement rings are usually not given on International Women’s Day. But, firstly, you can always discard prejudices, and secondly, you can offer to create rings with your own hands, as well as update existing ones, or decorate them with engraving. A certificate for specialized jewelry cleaning will also be indispensable.

If rings are not your option, then pay attention to what your lady wears most often. These can be chains, pendants, pendants, earrings, bracelets or charms on them, watches made of precious metals, brooches encrusted with stones , cute badges or even hair clips . If you find what you need in the list – decide on your preferred metal (or ask the recipient) and boldly run to the jewelry store. At the same time, remember the existence of jewelry as a budget option.

It is difficult to decide on the category of jewelry, or your life partner has too many of them – this is not a problem, but rather an opportunity to show your care, attentiveness and originality. Because any jewelry, even if it is only one, always needs cases for their temporary storage. In this case, caskets or stands for jewelry will come in handy more than ever , and you can find them both in stores with “little things” for the home, jewelry stores, and in antique or designer shops.

Does your girlfriend wear eyeglasses or “collects” sunglasses? She will definitely need a designer case for them or a fashionable chain-holder . For owners of contact lenses, there are also beautiful containers, or you can order a set of “colored” lenses that change the color of the eyes – girls like to “experiment” with their appearance.


4. For soul and home

Lovely gifts for decorating an apartment and creating coziness in it, as well as beautiful home outfits, are also often quoted among the female.

  • aroma boxes;
  • a set of aroma candles;
  • designer candle stand or artful chandelier;
  • aromatic diffuser with sticks (just be careful when choosing a fragrance, but rather specify your favorite smells or, conversely, taboo);
  • a set of glasses for wine (red and white);
  • wine table
  • wooden table for a bath (for a phone, a mug or a book);
  • craft crockery;
  • designer blanket;
  • designer vase for flowers (and, of course, the flowers themselves);
  • her portrait;
  • a painting by a famous artist;
  • a set for self-drawing a picture “by numbers”;
  • Sleep mask;
  • floor-length silk robe or pajamas;
  • fur slippers;
  • beautiful thermos mug;
  • glass or any other reusable straws for drinks;
  • neon sign on the wall with a motivating phrase.

For some, various kitchen and household gadgets will be excellent gifts that will simplify housework or even relieve the girl from routine household chores:

  • coffee machine;
  • a set of capsules for her, or a set of freshly ground coffee with different flavors;
  • thermal lunch boxes;
  • multicooker;
  • multi baker;
  • robot vacuum cleaner;


5. Passions, hobbies and emotional recharge

Sometimes it’s enough for a girl to take a girl on a trip, even within her native country, or to bring her beautiful “out into the world” and feed her deliciously so that she feels the happiest in the whole world.

But when restaurants with a classic set of dishes have become boring, you can go on a gastro tour or get creative at a culinary master class. It is worth noting that even those who do not have cooking skills are allowed there, and there are also cooking lessons for children.

He does not like to cook – then a master class in clay modeling, drawing or other needlework. This pastime is suitable for both married couples and a group of friends.

Another type of gifts that help to emotionally discharge and reboot, in addition to creativity, is:

  • test dance lesson;
  • trial vocal lesson;
  • flight in a wind tunnel;
  • trip to the horse farm and horseback riding;
  • photo session in a photo studio or walking;
  • going to a stress relief space where you can break dishes or smash everything.

Useful in your girlfriend’s hobbies and hobbies, as well as supporting her self-discipline, the following gift options may turn out to be:

  • glider;
  • magnetic habit tracker on the refrigerator;
  • “smart” column;
  • new headphones;
  • a flower in a pot or seeds for planting indoor flowers;
  • a collection of paper books or an e-book;
  • magnetic bookmark for a book;
  • subscription to audiobooks or an exclusive podcast;
  • subscription to online cinema.

6. Chocolates / Sweets and flowers

Remember that even the most banal gifts can always be presented creatively and effectively. Therefore, instead of a sprig of mimosa, for example, you can give a set of succulents – the most unpretentious plants to care for, or her favorite version of flowers grown in a pot – will please the eye longer.

Chocolate candies can also be replaced with an original bento cake or a sweet bouquet of chocolate-covered berries. Or you can always cook your own dinner or set the table with various types of cheeses or gourmet seafood.




Here I wrap this article ”What To Gift On International Women’s Day: March 8, 2023”. I hope it served you well. Remember, no matter what gift you choose, the main thing is to surround your woman with attention and love. Visit our web store URS FASHION and choose amazing outfits for yourself or for the beautiful women’s around you…



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