Five Ways To Style Hoodie


Five Ways To Style Hoodie

Five Ways To Style Hoodie

With the onset of autumn, it is wise to wear layers of clothes rather than thick ones to overcome the large day-to-day temperature difference. Among them, a hoodie that anyone can take casually is a good item as an inner. If you wear an outer with a sensual design that has both style and warmth, complete your trendy style. Here are five ways to style hoodie.


What is a Hoodie?

A hoodie is a type of sweater, jumper, or jacket with a hood, usually worn as casual or sportswear.

Bands at the waist and wrist keep you warm by trapping heat, while the main material, cotton, provides comfort and coziness.

In addition, the hood can be used to keep your head warm in cold weather or to protect you from the rain, and a large front pocket can hold items or protect your hands from the cold.


1. Leather Jacket with Hoodie

Leather Jacket with Hoodie

For winter warmth and style, layer a hoodie and leather jacket.

A black zip-up hoodie with a black biker jacket can be both tough and chic.

If you want a more chic look, wear black slim jeans, or if you want a casual look, wear blue denim.


2. Shearling Jacket with Hoodie

Shearling Jacket with Hoodie

If you want to complete a warm and winter look, a shearling jacket is a good partner with a hoodie.

Both the shearling jacket and the hoodie give the impression of being thick and heavy, so it’s better to go out of all black and style it lighter with a softer color.

A brown shearling jacket is a great choice to add warmth to your outfit. A light gray hoodie as an inner is a good option, and light jeans soften the overall color and add texture. And finish it off with lace-up boots.


3. Bomber Jacket with Hoodie

Bomber Jacket with Hoodie

For a modern urban style, pair a bomber jacket with a hoodie.

A good choice for a bomber jacket is a zip-up hoodie in classic colors like gray, black or navy. And match it with your favorite type of bomber: nylon, wool or leather sleeves.

Add black or blue denim and stylish sneakers to this for a casual urban look.


4. Denim Jacket with Hoodie

Denim Jacket with Hoodie

With a denim jacket and hoodie, anyone can easily and simply complete a casual winter style.

Denim jackets are available in a variety of colors, but Sky Blue goes well with any hoodie. Pair a black or gray hoodie with black skinny jeans and Chelsea boots for a cool winter look.


5. Coat with Hoodie

Coat with Hoodie

A classic coat and a casual hoodie look like opposing fashion items, but they shine brighter when worn together.

How about a casual coat styling on the weekend? If you wear a hoodie as an inner, you can change the coat to a trendy casual look.

Wear a gray hoodie under a black or brown coat. And show your hip charm with loose-fitting denim and comfortable sneakers.



So, these were five ways to style hoodie, hope this will help you all to glam up in this coming winter season. Also, do let us know your ideas on winter fashion in comment section below. And do not forget to visit our web store URS FASHION to shop customized outfits for party wear, evening wear, pre-wedding or maternity photoshoot.


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