Valentine’s Day is more than an occasion for lovers around the world to celebrate love and show their feelings for each other. Being a romantic holiday, it is the best occasion to give each other symbolic gifts and to spend unforgettable moments together. And because February 14th is special, it needs to be thoroughly prepared in advance. Now you have the best opportunity to surprise your boyfriend with an elegant or, why not, truly spectacular outfit. So here are some tips to dress for valentines day.

We come to your aid with some attractive dress and accessory ideas to wear now, to be sure that this date will remain unforgettable. Here are more details on how to dress for a memorable Valentine’s Day.

Dressed in a red velvet dress

red velvet dress

Because Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, what better occasion to wear a dress now in a color that primarily symbolizes love?

Choose for this day an elegant red velvet dress . The square neckline, the collar at the base of the neck and the long sleeve give it a structured and well-defined note, and the cloaked and flared cut gives it femininity. You can accessorize it with a pair of large pearl earrings.

This velvet dress is suitable for going out in elegant locations, for example at a restaurant.


Dress in the color of love

red dress

Another outfit in red, a symbol of love, suitable for Valentine’s Day is the Mia dress . It is made of cotton and lace, with an oval neckline, simple and refined, at the base of the neck.

The cut of this dress is conical, the length is medium and the sleeves are three quarters, which makes it particularly sensual and elegant. The details that make it even better are the one-shoulder ruffle, which goes down to the waist area, and the crepe at the back. In addition, it is accessorized with a thin strap.

It is a perfect dress for the intimate moments you spend together, on Valentine’s Day.


Sensual dress with side crepe

Sensual dress with side crepe

If you want to surprise your boyfriend in the most pleasant way on this special day, choose a model of sensual outfit in an intense color. The red Moze dress is made of jersey, has a conical cut and a long sleeve.

The special feminine details of this dress are given by the V-neckline, the side crepe and the waist accessory on which two golden buttons are applied. All this adds extra seduction and refinement.

Complete the outfit with elegant, high shoes. The most suitable in this combination are the black ones, or some in a multicolored range of shades, for example the black Risse shoes made of suede, with small gold inserts.


Dressed in a red dress with appliqués

Dressed in a red dress with appliqués

For a stylish and non-conformist Valentine’s Day appearance, you can opt for another brightly colored model, extremely sexy. The red MBG dress has a design spent towards the base, this being asymmetrical and the conical cut, molded.

The details that individualize this outfit are the front fringe and the floral embroidery in the bust area. Moreover, the ruffle in the overlapping portion adds an extra effect, and makes this outfit particularly refined.


Pink translucent dress

Pink translucent dress

If you want a serene appearance, opt for a midi model, transparent and elegant, pink. The Ines dress is made of delicate lace and has applications with pebbles on the bust. The cut is slightly arched, the sleeves three-quarters and the neckline oval.

The whole outfit has a sensual and as feminine note as possible. Which guarantees you an unforgettable appearance on this special Valentine’s Day.

To feel as comfortable as possible, complete the outfit with a pair of tone-on-tone shoes. For example the Ana model with a pointed toe and medium heel. In terms of accessories, you only need a pair of discreet. And elegant earrings, for example a pair of Victoria earrings with white stone.

Provocative burgundy dress

 Provocative burgundy dress

If you have light skin and blond hair, you benefit from strong colors such as emerald green or burgundy. For Valentine’s Day you can choose a dress in a romantic color, namely the Sarah burgundy dress with embroidered tulle.

This medium-length, elegant and comfortable occasion outfit has a cloche cut and a detachable waist belt. It is made of viscose, and the three-quarter sleeves are made of embroidered tulle. Heart-shaped neckline, which is ideal to make the most of this special day when you both celebrate love.

Complete with a pair of high, closed, stiletto shoes and some small Vienna gold earrings with rhinestones and round stone.



Above are just some of the outfits from URS FASHION that are right for you. Whatever your choice, any of these outfits guarantees you a Valentine’s Day sensation. So that you and your boyfriend can spend unique moments together!


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