Who wears the pants? Everyone now! The trousers, the garment of choice in men’s fashion, have now supplanted the popularity of the skirt. But also in women’s fashion, conquering the primacy of the most worn unisex garment. Let yourself be guided in the choice of your trousers, discover its history and the fabrics in which they are made. Here is a guide on how to choose the right bottoms? Also the knowledge of this clothing that is born male to become unisex.

A garment that has now entered everyone’s favor (and wardrobe). The trousers were born and developed their story around the male legs, to enhance their virility. And the necessary comfort to face the hard and long hours of work; in the factory or in the office as around creation.



But although this item of clothing comes into the world as a supporting element that binds the dialectic between man and his call to fatigue. Now a good pair of trousers (of any shape, fabric, model and designer) cannot be missing ( and if you look closely. It is almost never missing!) not even in women’s wardrobes. Put aside the thorny question of sexual equality, essential for this discourse but too complex to deal with. Just think that this time men and women are confronted on a common territory. And that everyone, rummaging through their things and their seasonal musts, yes they ask who will win.

If the woman has gone from skirts to trousers and then returns to her origins, reverses gear and direction. And in essence, get to wear one of the two garments with the same nonchalance with which she chooses whether to eat an apple or a mandarin at the end of the meal. Men have made a similar path (think of the ancient tunics with skirts worn by Roman, Greek, Egyptian boys) but they stopped there. The man is on his trousers, as the sky is on his stars. One cannot exist without the other, both of which are often synonymous, sometimes confused and confusing.

Of course, during your beach holidays you might spot some men in sarongs. But this is the exception that confirms the rule: in the evening. The same man you have seen scurrying on the beach with a fluttering cover-up, will return to the original and formal diktat that sees wearing the classic pair of trousers. Long, short, in Bermuda shorts or jeans it doesn’t matter In the world (or at home), it’s the man who wears the pants. By nature and by tradition. But women are certainly not watching, and they are pressing. And they steal land. And they are also champions of this item of clothing that is now as crazy on the market as in real life.

Look around and start counting: what passes in front of your eyes, more skirts or more pants? Even if you are in some remote land or, better still, in Hawaii, the most certain and obvious answer is the second. In any metropolis / city / country in the world there are certainly more trousers (perhaps the notorious and dominating jeans).

Because? Because the division of the legs (in terms of fabrics and models) favors movement. And accompanies the steps, follows our actions and accompanies the events of our life. Because a skirt can wink and please, but trousers designed to seduce can be equally and extraordinarily sexy.

Think of all those push-up models, which highlight the shapes and tighten in the right places. Those are real weapons of mass destruction! Ask a man: Do you prefer a woman with a slightly soft skirt. Or a nice pair of jeans that she shows by not showing her strong points (legs and back) than her? The answer is obvious.

For boys, the matter is even more obvious. The trousers are very comfortable, useful in any activity (from work to the gym, passing through the soccer field and the Sunday picnic). And represent for them the classic “second skin”. In short, no man can really do without it.




There are really many models, and just as many have alternated on the catwalks and in fashion magazines. But if you have trousers, well stored in the famous trunk, which does not appear in any fashionista advertisement , do not throw it away: fashion comes, goes but then always comes back and soon your trousers will be back in vogue too, you can be sure.

  • Suit pants

Suit pants

Let’s start with the most classic cut, the suit trousers. Formal, feminine and even a little sexy, they are worn by women on special occasions: during some ceremony or in the office, perhaps to go to a convention or a congress, or during a meeting. What is certain is that, rather elegant, the suit trousers, accompanied by the faithful coordinated jacket, rhyme with the word “work”. Or in any case, with all the official or formal circumstances that dot the life of all of us.

  • Jeans


Then we cannot fail to go back to mentioning jeans, true principles of the wardrobe of every common mortal. It is the classic and traditional sports trousers that go well with everything and everyone, on any occasion. Combine it with a t-shirt and it will be the perfect combination for an evening with friends. Or a stroll in the shopping center. Accompany it with a more elegant and formal shirt, pullover or sweater. And it will become your party companion, parties and more “in” occasions.

Women really wear it over all types of footwear. From sports shoes to sandals, through ballet flats and pumps to wearing them in a good pair of boots. Same music for men who appreciate them both with sneakers and with the most elegant shoes.

  • Cigarette pants

Cigarette pants

Here we are with the so-called “cigarette” trousers. In the 80s they were all the rage, everyone wearing this model and now, overwhelmingly, they are back on the catwalks. This is, for the layman, of that particular cut that provides an initial width and then ends tightly at the bottom.

  • Flared pants

Flared pants

Trendy in the 60s and back in the limelight in the 90s, flared trousers represent the perfect counterpart (or rather. The exact opposite) of the cigarette trousers just mentioned and described. In fact, these are pants that are tight on the top and wide at the bottom, With an elephant flare shape whose size varies according to the precise model. The final width begins at the knees and reaches to cover shoes and even touch the floor below.

  • 7 eighths trousers

7 eighths trousers

Then there are the seven-eighths trousers (which arrive precisely at about three-quarters of the leg, approximately between the knees and the ankle. And are therefore distinguished from the others by their particular length). The three-quarter trousers (shorter than the previous ones, slightly beyond the knee), leggings (with stirrup or not, very tight. And that stand out every shape without escape or modesty, today they are no longer very fashionable). And the so-called leggings, tight like leggings but tight and closed at the bottom, ankle-length. A seasonal must for little girls who pair them with oversized sweaters and colorful sneakers.

  • High-waisted trousers

High-waisted trousers

Then there are the high-waisted trousers (the latest diktat of the catwalks. They cover the navel and make such a respectable lady), And those with a low and very low waist, which touch the hips. And represent the true cross and delight of the new millennium. Delight for the very young who adore them and cannot do without it. And a cross for parents and teachers who really can’t stand them anymore.

  • Shorts


But let’s not forget the shorts, super sexy and very short trousers that touch the buttocks to reach the thighs (and stop there). The Bermuda shorts (the famous shorts that do not exceed the knee) and the dungaree pants. Those of us have not worn a couple at least once in his life? These are bib pants, long or short, that all mothers put on their boys (or girls) and, sometimes, are also worn by adults.




The trousers that we all know and that nobody really knows (and can) do without? Definitely the jeans. Fresh, light and sporty for the summer, padded and more resistant in the cold season. The designers offer it to us on every catwalk and in all sauces. With and without pockets, skinny (or very adherent) or flared, high or very low waist, with belt loops or in all the variations resulting from the different washes … In short, in the world of jeans there really is something for everyone.

  • Linen


The other fabrics are really many. For the hot season, especially the summer one, it is advisable to choose linen trousers: it is a soft and absolutely versatile fabric, although still resistant and of great practical value. From May to September all clothing stores offer linen trousers, especially white ones. Bright and fresh, they breathe the skin and are perfect for any occasion, preferably accompanied by a jacket of the same fabric. The only flaw of linen is that it wrinkles with absolute ease and punctuality.

  • Wool and cotton

Wool and cotton

If you really hate creases on a garment, it is better to choose trousers in cool wool, viscose, traditional wool or cotton (in the coldest season we recommend warm cotton, heavier and more reliable as a defense from the cold). Or you will find yourself wandering around the world as the worst of serial killers, very nervous and always escorted by your trusty portable ironing wire.

  • Synthetic fabrics

Synthetic fabrics

Then there are synthetic and technical fabrics, more sporty and more elastic, but the choice must also and above all vary according to the occasion in which we are going to wear our dear trousers. And, of course, based on the proposed model we fell in love with in the shop window.

  • Leather and velvet

Leather and velvet

There are those who love them in leather, others in velvet and those who, in winter, cannot do without those in jersey, very warm and protective. Among other things, this fabric, such as wool (which becomes cool in summer) or cotton (which becomes warm in winter), is transformed into a “cool knit” in the warmer seasons to allow greater freshness and transpiration.

You, therefore, men and women, choose the fabric with which you feel most comfortable and most at ease. Because basically this is precisely the vocation of trousers, the most widespread and inflated item of clothing in the world: you will have to feel so good, that you will even forget that you are wearing something underneath.



As you have seen, you are spoiled for choice to choose the right pants. Men and women can buy according to their tastes, preferences or needs. But do not forget that it is often fashion that reigns supreme. And if a particular model (to which, perhaps, you are fond of and ardently wish to wear). It is not part of the garments proposed by stylists, fashion designers and fashion-victims from all over the world. It will not be easy to find a pair on the market. Use this article ”HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT BOTTOMS?” and tips mentioned above to glam up.

Remember, for the ump-teenth time, that a good pair of trousers must make us feel at ease. And be in complete harmony and harmony with our personal style. The risk of walking and moving around in a pair of pants that look like something out of a science fiction film is always around the corner. If we are not inclined to excesses and transgression (in terms of fashion, of course). It is better to focus on classic, on a sober style and on a model that suits and agrees with our personality. In short, better discreet than clumsy.

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