Most people in the fashion industry claim that being thin is better than having a voluptuous figure, creating such an image that many women dream of having a thin and tall figure like the models at fashion shows. On the other side are the clothing stylists, who claim that although most trends look great on skinny women, there are certain outfits and garments that should be avoided, even for skinny silhouettes. Look onto the details of this article ”styling guide-the dos and don’ts for skinny girls”.

The theory that skinny women are fine with anything is false, because there are a few things to avoid when creating their outfits. If you also find yourself among thin women, you can resort to various tricks to mask or fill the thin areas of the body. It’s all about choosing the right clothes. And because we want you to have a sensational appearance, regardless of the weight minus, we will help you choose outfits for thin women and we will also mention the mistakes you need to avoid!


Do you want to accentuate your shapes or do you prefer a light style?

Opt for a thicker fabric

thicker fabric

Thicker fabrics will always benefit skinny girls, adding at least 1-2 centimeters to body areas that need “filling”. While in the cold season you can opt for the most diverse models of sweaters or thick socks, in the warm season you can choose to wear crocheted tops or dresses, especially since they are in trend!

Choose peplum type garments

Choose peplum

In terms of elegant blouses, tops and dresses, very thin women are recommended garments with peplum, that ruffle around the waist that gives the impression of volume and that certainly benefits from the lack of shapes.

Do not avoid the wide cut of clothing 

wide cut of clothing

Women with a slim figure should opt for garments with a wide cut, instead of molded ones. Steamy dresses, flared pants and oversized sports items will always compliment the silhouettes of thin women, without highlighting the problem areas of the body.

Approaches maxi outfits over short ones 

maxi outfits

Too thin legs are one of the main problems of girls who are much too thin, which is why skirts or short dresses are not exactly the pieces of clothing that highlight their body shapes. Dresses for skinny women, as well as most types of skirts, in fact, should be chosen in the maxi version.

Create molded outfits at the top and wide ones at the bottom 

molded outfits at the top and wide ones at the bottom 

A cambered shirt , along with a pair of flared pants will compliment any skinny woman, without highlighting the problem areas of the body. Fitted outfits at the top and wide at the bottom will always work for a thin woman, so cambered blouses and pairs of high-waisted, slightly flared pants are the ideal clothes for thin women.



Tricks to Choose

Choose vibrant colors and playful prints

vibrant colors and playful prints

Skinny women can feel free to play with a variety of colors, as long as they are not in a dark palette. Black, gray, brown or other dark colors will only accentuate the weak proportions of the body. So give free rein to your imagination and choose any color of the rainbow! Also, prints and patterns are the ideal choice in clothing styles for thin women!

Try layering, work wonders for thin women 

layering, work wonders for thin women 

The art of layering has long been a hit in the fashion world, and that only makes it a plus for thin women. Placing overlapping garments will not only give you elegant outfits, but will make you look fuller.

Choose oversized blouses and tops 

Choose oversized blouses and tops

Another fashion trick that works very well for thin women is the choice of blouses and tops with oversized shoulders. If you have extremely thin hands, we suggest choosing blouses with long sleeves or models of blouses with puffy or flared sleeves.

She wears steamy skirts and dresses 

steamy skirts and dresses 

Being neither very wide nor molded, the steamy skirts and summer dresses are excellent suggestions for clothing for skinny girls. They will be able to compliment your figure, no matter how thin you are. Of course, do not go to extremes and do not opt ​​for very wide dresses, because they only really remove the weak parts of your body, such as shoulders or arms.

Opt for flared pants, ideal for thin women 

flared pants

Flared pants are a must-have in the wardrobe of thin women. Put straight pants with wide legs in your dressing room , in which you will feel comfortable and which will mask the lack of leg shapes.


Clothing mistakes to avoid

Vertical stripes do not benefit thin women 

Vertical stripes

For skinny girls, vertical stripes are some of the worst clothing approaches. They tend to make the body look much longer and thinner, which can be a real disaster for a slim figure. If you still prefer striped outfits, approach the horizontal stripes, which will add curves to your body and make it look less weak.

Heels too high


When you are thin, it is preferable to say no to high heels. Of course, if you want to mask this side! As with the stripes, heeled shoes will create the same impression of lengthening and weakening the body. Pay special attention to other types of footwear, such as ballerinas or heelless shoes. Or even boots without heels, on cooler days.

Mid-waist belts are not suitable for thin women 

Mid-waist belts are not suitable for thin women 

All women know that belts worn at the waist have the role of thinning the middle area of ​​the waist. Which is why belts are not the most suitable accessory for thin women. This way you avoid approaching such accessories when composing your outfits! Skinny jeans should not be found in skinny women’s outfits

V-shaped necklines 

V-shaped necklines 


The wide V-necklines do not honor the figure of the thin woman either. Fashion experts recommend skinny blouses and tops on the neck to the detriment of those with V-neckline. Which have the role of accentuating the bony figure.

Slim straps are to be avoided in skinny women’s outfits 

Slim straps

As with V-necklines, thin straps are not recommended for thin women for the same reason. Highlighting the bony area of ​​the collarbone and shoulders. Approach garments with wide straps or completely covered shoulders. Of course, that doesn’t stop you from wearing an evening dress with bare shoulders!



Here I wrap this article ”styling guide-the dos and don’ts for skinny girls”. If you can’t get the few extra pounds you need, that doesn’t mean you can’t create sensational outfits. Take into account our tricks in terms of clothing for thin women. And it will certainly be a real satisfaction to look in the mirror! If you are looking for customized outfits of any body shape for any occasion? You can visit our web store URS FASHION to place an order.


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