15 Types Of T-shirts And What You Can Match With Them?

15 Types Of T-shirts And What You Can Match With Them?

15 Types Of T-shirts And What You Can Match With Them?

15 Types Of T-shirts And What You Can Match With Them?

As with jeans, t-shirts are a staple in any man’s casual wardrobe. But certainly not many of you give enough importance to these items of clothing. A T-shirt can be your best ally, almost regardless of the clothing style approached. But it can also be the biggest enemy. And this depends only on you and the way you relate it to the outfits in which you choose to integrate it.  Let’s see 15 types of t-shirts and what you can match with them?

The evolution of the classic t-shirt is truly impressive. Since the first prototype of union suits developed in the US in the late 1800s. It has undergone a series of transformations to become one of the most versatile men’s clothing. Its 100-year tradition. Which began as a base for workwear, to its current role in making style statements, turns it into a real piece of clothing. Which has found its place in the heart and in the wardrobe to every woman.

And because t-shirts need well-deserved attention, we decided to talk in today’s article about the main types of t-shirts. But also about ways you can match them in your outfits, depending on the clothing style that represents you. Here are the most popular types of t-shirts!


Types of T-shirts depending on the model  

A first classification of the types of men ‘s T-shirts depends on the model of the T-shirt, these varying from the basic ones to the ones with a hood, buttons or pockets. Here are the most popular types of t-shirts, depending on the style and how you can match them in your outfits!

  • Simple or basic t-shirts

Simple or basic t-shirts

Without a doubt, basic t-shirts are an emblem of any woman’s wardrobe. And you definitely have a simple white, black and gray t-shirt in the dressing room. These basic pieces can get you out of a lot of trouble. Especially since they are basic items in the casual style for men. For example, a white T-shirt can be the basis for almost any outfit. And you can compose various approaches around it. Compose an outfit from ripped jeans, a basic t-shirt and a pair of sneakers for women and you are ready for any casual event.

  • T-shirts with print  

T-shirts with print  

Whether we are talking about t-shirts with messages, logos or colorful designs, these t-shirts can be a real signature for your outfit. Choose such a T-shirt with colorful prints and pair it with a pair of blue jeans. And a pair of sports shoes for men in neutral shades, to balance the overall look.

  • Hoodies  


With the help of a sweatshirt you can get an extra level of sophistication, which can hardly be found in any other clothing style. Therefore, the athletic attraction makes the hooded jersey the ideal garment for going to the gym or for playing football with friends. Pair the hoodie with a pair of shorts and a pair of women’s sneakers for a cool sporty look.

  • T-shirts with pockets  

T-shirts with pockets  

Other popular types of t-shirts for women are pocket t-shirts, which have a pocket on the left side. The pocket is an interesting addition, and when it is in a complementary color to the shirt, it can add a touch of vitality to any monotonous shirt. She wears a pocket T-shirt with a pair of fit jeans and a pair of casual shoes for women, such as loafers.

  • T-shirts with buttons  

T-shirts with buttons

These types of shirts are a combination of the classic shirt and the Polo shirt, being also known as the Henley T-Shirt. Whether you want to look at it as a collarless Polo shirt or as a classic buttoned shirt. This is a great alternative to the classic shirt and can be worn successfully in an outfit with jeans. A pair of women’s boots and a leather strap for a slightly retro look.


Types of T-shirts depending on the length of the sleeve  

And the length of the sleeve has the role of classifying these garments in a wide range of types of T-shirts. Discover the most popular of these, but also outfit ideas in which you can integrate them!

  • Long sleeve T-shirts  

Long sleeve t-shirts  

The models of long-sleeved T-shirts extend to the wrist and have, in most cases, a straight cut, but not being too tight or too wide. These types of T-shirts are ideal for cold weather, and can be worn, for example, with a pair of cropped trousers and a pair of women’s leather boots .

  • Raglan sleeve T-shirts  

Raglan sleeve T-shirts  for women

Raglan sleeves are made in a certain style, therefore this term does not refer, in fact, to the length of the sleeve. These types of jerseys are especially called baseball jerseys, because the style is used in many of the baseball uniforms. In most cases, the part of the fabric on the body and the sleeve have two different colors, the shirts being made in this way to draw attention to the lines. You can also combine such a shirt with a pair of sweatpants and a pair of sneakers, and the outfit can be completed by a baseball cap .

  • Short-sleeved T-shirts

Short-sleeved T-shirts  

When you think of a T-shirt, you most certainly have in mind the traditional short-sleeved T-shirt. Short-sleeved T-shirts can be both fit and light, and the variety of patterns is stunning. Wear a short-sleeved T-shirt with a pair of denim shorts and a pair of women’s sandals and you’re ready for a summer day!

  • T-shirts with cap sleeves  

T-shirts with cap sleeves  

Cap sleeves give a funky note to ordinary sleeves, as they extend a certain distance over the shoulders, without covering under the arm, to form an extension. Wear this type of t-shirt with a pair of jeans, a pair of sneakers. And complete the outfit with a women’s watch and a pair of glasses, for a cool look.

  • Sleeveless t-shirts  

Sleeveless t-shirts  

Also known as T-shirts, sleeveless T-shirts usually have a deep neckline, while the straps range from very thin to completely covering the shoulders. They are ideal for women with an athletic physique and can be worn with a pair of sports pants, a pair of sneakers and a hat.


Types of T-shirts depending on the collar  

The type of collar can also designate several types of t-shirts, which is why we will mention in the following lines the most popular necklines. Which have given the t-shirts a modern note over time, without compromising masculine aesthetics.

  • T-shirts with round collar

round tshirts

Probably the most ubiquitous t-shirt you will find in men is the round-necked T-shirt, also known as the Crew Neck. It is characterized by a round, circular neckline, which fits perfectly to the neck and works ideally for any timeless look. Choose to combine a basic round collar t-shirt with a pair of tapered pants, a suit and a pair of white sneakers, for a casual look with elegant notes.

  • V-neck T-shirts  

V - neck T - shirts  

As the name suggests, the V-neck T-shirt has a V-neckline. Men with round faces and wide shoulders can take advantage of this neckline because it flatters their figure, giving them a slimmer look. Wear this t-shirt with an elegant suit and complete the outfit with a pair of elegant sports shoes. To approach the smart casual style in a nonconformist way.

  • Y-collar t-shirts  

Y-collar t-shirts  

The types of Y-shaped women’s T-shirts or Henley T-shirts. As they are also called, are described as a hybrid between the Crew Neck and V shapes. It comes with a few buttons, which adds an aesthetic plus. Wear this t-shirt with a pair of pre-washed slim fit jeans and a pair of leather shoes. We’ve already told you about the right shoes and accessories for a slim fit outfit. So all you have to do is apply our suggestions!

  • Polo shirts  

Polo shirts  

Other types of T-shirts that are not missing from a man’s wardrobe are Polo shirts, made famous by golfers. While the collar adorned with buttons offers a sense of formality to the final look. Combine a simple, white Polo shirt with a pair of chinos. And a pair of casual shoes and you have created one of the coolest and most relaxed outfits for women!

  • Scoop Neck T-shirts


Scoop Neck T-shirts 

Scoop Neck T-shirts are another variant of Crew Neck T-shirts. In which the round neckline is a few centimeters below the collarbone. Although it does not look as sturdy as the other types of t-shirts. This t-shirt model is extremely popular among women with prominent pectorals. If you have such a t-shirt in your wardrobe. You can match it with a pair of slim fit jeans and a pair of women’s running shoes .



So here I wrap the article ”15 types of t-shirts and what you can match with them?” As we all know that the variety of types of t-shirts can be mind-boggling, but I hope you have managed to convince yourself how easy it is to integrate any T-shirt model into your outfits. And the good news is that, regardless of your preferences and clothing style, many types of t-shirts will never go out of style. What types of T-shirts do you have in your wardrobe?

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