How To Dress For A Business Meeting?

How To Dress For A Business Meeting?

How To Dress For A Business Meeting?

How To Dress For A Business Meeting?

Having style at work can be a real struggle. Five days a week, we find ourselves staring at our wardrobes wondering what to wear, worrying about professionalism, appropriateness, color and more. Yes, we can always go for pants and a button down shirt, like our male counterparts, but is that enough? Not for most of us. So here is the article on ”How To Dress For A Business Meeting?”
The question of what to wear to work and how to dress professionally often arises from female readers. They want to look stylish while conforming to professional standards, while being feminine and confident. This is especially true when attending conferences, where they often meet people for the first time, address large crowds, or visit a booth or reception.
So it’s time to tackle this riddle. My goal is to inspire you to dress professionally, while being confident and stylish. Because clothes can do wonders for mood, self-esteem and the way you present yourself to others.
Let’s see what suits you and how to dress professionally.

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How to dress professionally?

In the fall, I went to a professional conference for five days. My days were filled with talks and seminars from morning to night. I was constantly on the move and had little time to worry about my appearance once I arrived. So I made sure to carefully plan my wardrobe before I left, to save myself that stress.
Knowing my schedule, I knew I needed outfits (and shoes) that would handle a lot of sitting and walking, that wouldn’t wrinkle over long days, and that would be appropriate for a morning conference and evening cocktails. These are challenges we don’t face in our day-to-day business attire. Coming to work with familiar colleagues at your own desk is a whole different matter from a conference, where you have to make a great first impression while still being yourself.
If you’re anything like me, you want to show off, and that doesn’t include dark jeans and a nice shirt.
I had opted for a sober and trendy dress. It’s comfortable and wrinkle-resistant, while the bold print and waist detailing give it a feminine yet professional edge. I accessorized it with simple earrings and a delicate watch, as well as a large tote to hold my wallet, my computer, a pair of flats in case I needed them and others necessities. Heeled ankle boots are comfortable and add a bit of pizzazz to an outfit, without being too dressy.
Not only did this outfit look sleek and professional, but it stored easily without getting wrinkled or taking up too much space.
So let’s take a look at what’s appropriate for a professional date and some suggestions for your look.

6 styling tips for finding the perfect business dress

I happen to like wearing dresses . They tend to be portable and I love the variety of prints and patterns that match my style. There’s something about a print that makes you stand out a bit from others, although wearing a solid color dress with a colorful accessory (scarf, necklace, shoes) will have the same effect.
You can also opt for a skirt /blouse or trouser /blouse combination. Both can be stylish, so wear what makes you feel comfortable and gives you confidence.
When it comes to dressing for a professional setting, keep six things in mind:
  • Length
  • Neck
  • Sleeves
  • Chopped off
  • Color or print
  • Accessories

1. Professional dress length

The dress or skirt length should be appropriate neither long nor short that you feel uncomfortable. Look for a length that ends just above the knee or, if you’re tall, mid-calf. This will allow you to easily get up and down from a chair and will cover you properly if you are climbing stairs or taking an escalator. For pants, the hem should end about 2cm from the bottom, exposing the front of your heels. If you’re wearing ankle-length pants (with heels or flats), make sure they actually stop at the ankle; too short or too long, it will look neglected.

2. Professional dress neckline

The necklines of dresses and blouses should be rather modest and not show too much neckline. Leave plunging V-necks at home. That said, you also don’t have to wear turtlenecks (although you certainly can, especially when it’s really cold). Try to find a happy medium by wearing a round neck, a boat neck, a square neck or a high neck.

3. Professional dress sleeves

Offices and conferences are usually pretty chilly, so for dresses and blouses I usually go for longer sleeves. You can opt for long sleeves with a cuff or three-fourth sleeves, which are said to be the most flattering. The three-fourth sleeve that ends between your elbow and wrist.
Lower down the sleeves on your forearm, it will help your arm look thinner. The length of the three-fourth sleeves therefore has many advantages. It is suitable for the office, it is the most flattering, it hides your arms if you are embarrassed by it, and you will be less cold. In summer or warmer climates, you can also wear sleeveless or short-sleeved garments. For colder mornings, throw on a cardigan or jacket, and as the day warms up, you can take the layer off as needed.

4. Professional fit

The fit of your garment is probably paramount. Fit = Suitability. Clothing that’s too tight is definitely frowned upon and doesn’t give the impression of being professional, while at the other end of the spectrum, baggy, ill-fitting clothing doesn’t do your figure justice and tends to be sloppy. .
Look for dresses that are loose but accentuate the waistline. You want the dress to be flattering to your figure , but not just the figure. Swing, shift, sheath, wrap, and princess dresses are all good choices.
The dress I wore is loose but gathered at the waist and has a pretty fabric belt to accentuate the waist. This dress is the perfect blend of figure-flattering and appropriate attire for a business conference or office).
If you like the idea of ​​wearing skirts, the A-line cut is universally flattering, while pencil skirts or flared skirts (tighter at the hips, flaring out at mid-thigh) are also good options. Pants should be mid- or high-rise, straight-cut or wide-legged. The ankle style is also appropriate, provided it is not tight. Make sure the waist is snug and the pants aren’t too baggy.

5. Professional dress color or print

What color or print you are confident with? When it comes to solid color dresses, you’ll want to wear the colors that go best with your skin tone. Of course, you can also opt for basic black, which suits everyone, but dare a color like burgundy, midnight blue, red or forest green. In addition to wearing colors that go well with your skin tone, look for colors that go with the seasons.
And don’t be afraid of prints. A feminine floral blouse, professional-looking striped pants or a houndstooth skirt break up the monotony of solids.

6. Professional accessories

Everyone needs a few good accessories, and going to a business conference is no exception. Shoes, bags, jewelry and scarves help define your style, and are often practical and useful items.
  • The shoes
When it comes to footwear , the decision on what to wear will be dictated by the mileage you’ll be covering during the conference and the formality of the conference itself. In general, a closed shoe with a heel or a wedge heel is the most suitable. It can be a low-heeled pump or a pair of 10 cm pumps. Make sure they’re comfortable for the long day, that they’re well-cared for, and that they go with multiple outfits.
Alternatively, boots and flats can often be worked on. Knee-heeled boots or heeled ankle boots in leather or suede are good choices. Flats should be professional looking, whether they are loafers, ballet flats, or pointy-toe shoes (with or without embellishments). Strictly avoid sandals and sneakers.
  • Handbag
Your handbag or tote should be as professional as you are. Make sure it’s in good condition and can hold everything you need. The most worst  thing is a half-open purse exploding all personal items. Avoid backpacks and opt for leather or vegan leather bags with zippers (for added security). Don’t be afraid to color. A stunning red bag with a black outfit will not only make you stylish, but people will remember you!
  • Jewelry
Keep it classic and simple with your jewelry. Studs, rings or small earrings, as well as a classic necklace, bracelet or watch are all you need. It is not necessary to carry large showy collars.
Carry scarves as they don’t just add a splash of color, they can also keep the chill from setting in on chilly mornings or when the air conditioning is turned up too high. Try to pack a plain scarf and a colorful scarf. They won’t take up much space and I bet you’ll find them useful.


I hope this article ”How To Dress For A Business Meeting?” answered some of your questions about how to dress professionally! In case you are looking for customized professional suits or dresses, then you can place your order on our web store URS FASHION or you can comment below too. Our team will reach you out further.


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