How To Dress Better According To Your Body Shape?

How To Dress Better According To Your Body Shape?

How To Dress Better According To Your Body Shape?

How To Dress Better According To Your Body Shape?

The shape of the body represents the fact that women are so different that they stand out through the uniqueness they show. So, do you really know how to dress better according to your body shape? Women are not responsible for the body they are born with, but they are responsible for how they display it and how they value it.

Obviously, through clothing you can do this, but it is extremely important to take into account the first step: to know what is the exact shape of your body.

For this reason, this article was born, which contains all the necessary information to make it easier for you to figure out what your body shape is and how to highlight it in style.


1. Determine what body shape you have?

Knowing your body shape is essential for choosing any type of outfit, not just for dresses and skirts for weddings or other special occasions. It is important to feel comfortable in your skin and to choose the right clothes so that you can more easily highlight your figure. That is why we will show you how to perfectly measure your body so that you know what type of shape you fit into.

  • Undress, but within the bounds of decency 

The exact measurement of the body can be done only if you have as few clothes as possible. You can only wear a longer shirt and underwear or a silk evening dress. Whatever you choose, you must be careful that the material is as thin as possible.

If you have a large mirror in the house that reflects your whole body, then it is perfect, because this will help you position the meter in a correct way.

  • Measure your shoulders in a relaxed way

Some people also measure their shoulders, but this is not mandatory. But if your shoulders are much wider than your waist, hips and bust, then most likely the shape of your body is inverted triangle.

The key is to sit up straight and relaxed when measuring your shoulders and place the measuring tape on your shoulder tips.

  • Measure most of the bust

Place the measuring tape on most of the bust and slowly continue in a straight line until you catch the whole chest. It is very important to leave your hands and tape soft, because if you tighten your chest, other metrics will come out to measure, which will sabotage all calculations.

  • Measure the smallest part of the waist

Usually, the smallest part of the waist is about 5.1 – 7.6 cm above the navel, just below the ribs. Make sure you do not tighten the measuring tape too much, and try to put a finger between the tape and the skin. If you want this process to be even easier, try to bend it a little on the side and measure it this way.

  • Measure the largest part of the hips

Usually the largest part of the hips is at the level of the legs. The secret is to pass the measuring tape over most of the buttocks.

After you have finished measuring all these key body points and after writing down on a sheet what are the exact metrics you have obtained, it is time to find out what shape your body fits from the following list.


2. What body shapes exist?

How To Dress Better According To Your Body Shape?

You certainly know some body shapes from hearsay, such as pear or hourglass, but you should know that there are many more body types than you would have imagined. Maybe until now you were convinced that you fit into a certain shape, but there is a possibility that you were wrong.

2.1. Silhouette / Triangle Body Shape

How To Dress Better According To Your Body Shape?

Some people recognize this shape by the name of the triangle, it consists of a bust and shoulders narrower than the hips. The advantage of this type of body is the fact that you can highlight your shapes much easier, especially the waist. The waist is much more defined and narrower than the hips, which is why you must always pay attention to diet, because those areas tend to be the first places where fat is deposited.

2.2. Spoon body shape

How To Dress Better According To Your Body Shape?

The shape of the spoon body is similar and easily confused with the pear or triangle shape. It is defined by hips wide and larger than the bust and the rest of the body. This type of body can be easily highlighted with baby doll dresses or other clothing that folds over a wide waist.

The small difference between the pear body and the spoon is just a nuanced detail: if you look better. A woman with a spoon body often looks like the number 8, and weight gain targets the hips and arms.

2.3. Apple body shape

How To Dress Better According To Your Body Shape?

If you have a bigger bust and shoulders, but narrow hips, then 100% the shape of your body is apple type. Round shoulders, an indefinite waist, thin arms and smaller hips are the explicit description of this body type. For such a body, stylists recommend type A dresses and skirts, boots and long jackets to highlight your strengths.

2.4. Hourglass silhouette

How To Dress Better According To Your Body Shape?

Women who have an hourglass body are considered extremely lucky, because this is the most balanced form of all. The hourglass body consists of a bust and equal hips, a well-defined waist, but still narrower than the other two, and the legs and upper body are perfectly proportioned. The shoulders are well defined and align well with the buttocks, which are equally rounded. Women with this body type are envied, because the hourglass shape is perfect and helps you wear absolutely any item of clothing you want.

2.5. Rectangular body shape

How To Dress Better According To Your Body Shape?

If your waist is the same size as your hips and bust, and your shoulders and hips are about the same width, then you most likely have a rectangular or banana body. Women with this body shape look perfect in tube dresses, with a waist belt and shoulder less tops. It is said that this type of body is the body of supermodels, because it is absolutely straight, as women who parade on the podium must have.

2.6. Inverted triangle body shape

How To Dress Better According To Your Body Shape?

This body shape is extremely similar to the apple body, because it is characterized by wide shoulders, thin legs and small hips. The disadvantage is that the waist is not as well defined as the upper body, which is why you have to wear clothes that distract from the waist. Here it is important not only the type of clothing, but also the type of model it has: opt for clothes with floral print, striped, checkered or satin.

2.7. Lollipop body shape

How To Dress Better According To Your Body Shape?

This is a body shape that many women do not know about. It is defined by a round and prominent bust, thin hips and waist, wide shoulders and thin legs. High-waisted pants have been invented for this body type, because they offer a balance to your appearance. In addition, maxi dresses are also perfect for this body type.

2.8. Diamond body shape

How To Dress Better According To Your Body Shape?

The diamond body can be easily recognized, because you can not go unnoticed in the crowd. A narrow bust, a fuller waist and wider hips than shoulders are the main features of the diamond-shaped body. Given the fact that the waist is not well defined for this body type. You need to highlight the upper part with dresses and blouses in V-neckline, and for the lower part, you can safely opt for skirts.

2.9. Round / Oval body shape

How To Dress Better According To Your Body Shape?

An oval or round body is not very far from the diamond type. The big difference is that in the oval shape. The bust is bigger than the rest of the body and the hips are narrower. The legs are thin and the waist is not very well defined and is the widest section of the lower body. The oval shape is more recognized in middle-aged women. Due to the fact that they put on weight during pregnancy, and some find it very difficult to get rid of it. But even so, you can quietly experience all kinds of outfits. You can also wear V and U type skirts and cleavage, even tops.


3. Outfits to wear to highlight your body shape

Now that you have defined your body shape, it’s time to know what types of outfits would be suitable to highlight your shapes and choose the clothes that define you best. So what outfits are right for your body type?

  • Pear

If you have a pear-shaped shape, it is recommended to wear blouses or boat-type dresses, because you will highlight your shoulders. Women with such a body need to shine in order to stand out better. So accessorizing is extremely important: bracelets and necklaces must be at the forefront. In addition, you can opt for a push-up bra so that your top is more adjusted.

If you want to wear skirts, find out that the ones in line A, as well as the dresses, are the most suitable for this type of body. And combined with a pair of ballerinas during the summer, you will create the perfect outfit to highlight your body. .

Avoid wearing: very wide dresses, balloon type, very skinny fabric pants and molded skirts.

  • Spoon

Given that the spoon shape is extremely similar to the pear. You can take into account the above tips, to which you can add the following: opt for lighter shades for clothes and the right accessories.

Avoid wearing: T-shirts with a boat neckline, shorts and skirts that are too tight, shoes with a round toe and shoes with extremely small heels.

  • Apple

The most suitable clothes for this type of body are type A dresses, V-necklines, T-shirts and ruffled tops, accessorized with long necklaces up to the bust. In spring, you can opt for low-rise jeans so as not to highlight your hips, flared dresses combined with moccasins or sandals with straps. When it comes to jeans, always make sure you have back pockets to better define your lower body.

Avoid wearing: molded pants and jeans, round neck sweaters and blouses, boat necklines, wide straps, molded and shoulder less dresses.

  • Hourglass

As you found out before, women with an hourglass body are the luckiest. Because theoretically they have the perfect body and can highlight it extremely easily. You can wear any kind of skirts, from pencil to pleated, and high-waisted pants are your best friends. Autumn, the perfect outfit for an hourglass body is defined by high-waisted jeans, a tight-fitting coat and seasonal ankle boots . You have all the freedom to dress the way you want and to choose any kind of accessories. Because this body type is a balanced one.

In that case, what could you avoid wearing? Well, avoid wearing clothes that can’t highlight your body shape. That is, clothes that are too wide and jewelry that are too strident. Women with an hourglass body must always be fine.

  • Rectangular

Women with a rectangular body have the advantage that they can wear any kind of dress and accessories, because they are quite thin. Next time you opt for a dress. Try to wear it with a nice belt, especially if the dress is tube type. With this outfit and shiny jewelry, you will be able to fool the viewers and make them think that you have an hourglass body. The secret lies in the nuances.

Just like the hourglass body, avoid wearing clothes that do not help you highlight your waist.

  • Inverted triangle

The priority for women with an inverted triangle body should be to define the shoulders and emphasize the hips. Do not be afraid of the straps that define your waist, because they will balance the width of the shoulders.

For this body type are suitable striped and checkered clothes, V-necklines, satin dresses, preferably type A, skirts with sequins. The shoes must be of quality, like casual leather shoes. And overall, the outfit should be accessorized with large and thick jewelry.

Avoid wearing: pencil skirts, jeans and very thin pants.

  • To fall

The shape of the lollipop body requires certain outfits that can widen your hips and shoulders. Such as a V-neck, blouses with a boat neckline, flared dresses, coats with certain straps, high heels and casual shoes.

Avoid wearing: long skirts, high-waisted pants, long necklaces, boleros and very wide sweaters.

  • Diamond

Girls with a diamond body should focus on creating a balance between the bust and the rest of the body. Women with this type of body have extremely sensual legs. Which is why they should highlight them as much as possible. Wear high or medium heels, A-line skirts, boots, and dark jeans and pants. In terms of accessories, it is advisable to wear thick necklaces, as well as thick earrings.

Avoid wearing: super skinny pants and jeans, pencil skirts, extremely tight dresses, sequined tops, thick scarves and velvet boots.

  • Oval

Women with an oval body must be very careful about which items of clothing they choose. Because they can easily fall into the other extreme, an extreme that no woman dreams of reaching. However, there are a lot of ways you can highlight your figure the way you want it. Opt for U and V necklines with flared dresses and skirts, but with few prints. From the point of view of accessories, choose long but thin earrings and long necklaces that reach to the neckline.

Avoid wearing: pleated skirts, molded skirts and dresses, cardigans, very wide jackets, molded blouses, earrings and thick necklaces.



The question that many women surely ask themselves: can we change body shape? The answer is yes, but it depends on many factors. The body is constantly changing depending on age, hormones, lifestyle and the period of a possible pregnancy. A healthy lifestyle and sports can help you reach the desired body shape. But it does not put all your hopes in this concept. The most important thing is to feel good in your skin. To be proud of your body so that you are not ashamed to highlight it in the most appropriate ways possible. Follow the tips presented in the blog ”How To Dress Better According To Your Body Shape?” and you will see that you will feel extremely good in your skin.

I hope now you know your shape of body. If still confused leave a comment here so that we can guide you in detail. Tell us what your figure is and we will show you how to highlight it with unique outfits! And if you want to style based onto your body, shape size or color, you can check our collection. URS Fashion have all sort of party outfits, evening outfits, traditional outfits, maternity photoshoot outfits, pre-wedding photoshoot outfits and whatnot. We also provide customization as the requirements of our customers.

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