Beach Outfits - What can you wear on beach vacation?

Beach Outfits – What can you wear on beach vacation?

Beach Outfits - What can you wear on beach vacation?

 Beach Outfits – What can you wear on beach vacation?

The holiday is a perfect time to bring out all the special outfits you keep in the closet. However, it can be difficult to decide which pieces of clothing are worth putting in your travel luggage. Therefore, it is important to take into account some criteria that can help you check all the categories of articles. That will be useful to you, for sure, throughout your stay. So, opt for a balanced approach, which contains a little organization and a little creativity. In order to succeed in creating extraordinary outfits, which will make you stand out. So lets start with the article ”Beach Outfits – What can you wear on beach vacation?”


  1. How do you choose a holiday outfit?
  2. Holiday Outfit Ideas – TIPS & TRICKS
  3. Holiday outfit and accessories

1. How do you choose a holiday outfit?

Beach Outfits - What can you wear on beach vacation?

If you have decided to go to sea, you must equip your luggage so that you are prepared for any situation. The holiday is a good time to relax on the beach, in the sun or in the water. As well as for walks on the seafront, evening parties, short trips or other unique activities. For this reason, it is recommended to take into account all these aspects when preparing your suitcase. Of course, you don’t have to crowd it unnecessarily, but to find the perfect recipe, in order to have everything you need, in as little space as possible. To achieve this, it is important to opt for clothing with which you can juggle in many ways and combinations, every day.

But, before you find out some secrets about how you can make unique outfits using a series of basic elements, it is mandatory to pass the suitcase test with flying colors, making a list of the factors that you must take into account when you make your holiday bag. Here’s what it’s good to think about:

  • Comfort

Comfort is essential in any outfit – no matter where you go, you need to feel comfortable in your skin. Choose pieces that will help you to be relaxed and carefree. But don’t choose clothes just because they are cool or because they are worn. Select only items that, in addition to giving you a special look, also provide you with a high level of comfort. The same rule is applied when it comes to shoes. Whether you are looking for casual shoes or sports shoes , or you want to be elegant wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes, you have to make sure that the final outfit is not a torment, but a joy.

  • The volume it occupies in the luggage

Luggage volume is a factor you should not ignore. Depending on the type of transport chosen, it may be necessary to comply with certain conditions. For example, if you are traveling by plane, you have to fit the dimensions required by the airline, and if you go by train, it is good to think if you can carry the suitcase easily, without putting too much effort.

In the situation where you will go with your personal car, things are a bit simpler, but you still have a limit given by the volume of the trunk and the number of people who still travel with you.

Therefore, it is recommended to have a balanced luggage. Which contains what is strictly necessary, plus some additional elements, which you can use in more special moments. Therefore, it is mandatory to make a list of the objects you need,

  • Material

The material is a significant detail when it comes to clothing, but also when it comes to footwear. Especially in the hot season, this detail is very important, because it can influence your comfort level. Usually, being high temperatures and a higher degree of humidity. It is recommended to opt for fibers that are as natural as possible, pleasant to the touch, thin, that are friendly to the skin.

Linen, cotton, viscose, silk or satin are just some of the materials you can play with to make special outfits, without worrying that it will be too hot or that you will feel uncomfortable. In fact, in terms of footwear, the material is essential from other points of view.

Whether you want to go for a walk and explore the place, or you will travel in an area with rocks or stones, or with pebbles on the beach, you must equip yourself with the right shoes. If you plan to go to parties or go out on a refined terrace, in the evening, on the seafront, you can take with you a pair of elegant sandals or heeled shoes, which you can combine with a steamy summer dress. But, if you want to wear something more comfortable, you can choose comfortable or sandals , being easy to accessorize and integrate in various casual and elegant outfits.

  • The chosen destination

Also, don’t forget to take into account the chosen destination, as it can guide you in the right direction when it comes to your wardrobe. A beach holiday can be in a multitude of unique and original places – some want a luxury vacation, in a famous resort, at a refined and elegant hotel, and others prefer more secluded beaches, locals’ houses, camping or other similar variants. Take this into account and adapt your list accordingly. Avoid taking with you things that will not fit in any of the contexts you will be in – this will save space.

  • The activities you will do

In addition to the basic pieces, which you will definitely need (such as a swimsuit, beachwear, etc.). You need to add other elements, especially if you plan to get involved in specific activities. For example, if you go to an adventure park, dresses and skirts will not be useful. In such situations, it is recommended to put in your luggage a pair of tights or sports pants, which you should wear.

You can wear it in case you try something that requires more movement. Of course, if you are planning a evening event or a lavish concert, take with you an elegant dress, specially chosen for that evening. When it comes to shoes, the advice is the same – however, to avoid crowding your suitcase with a multitude of pairs, try to think effectively and organize your outfits,

  • Weather Forecast

When choosing beach outfits, don’t forget to take into account the weather forecast. Even if, as a rule, the temperatures are specific to the respective season and destination, you can have surprises, because summer also has unstable periods from a meteorological point of view. Check the forecast and pack your bags so that you are ready for anything. It is best to be equipped and have a suitable outfit for a possible rain, but also others that are ideal for strong sun and heat (hat, sunglasses, cap, etc.).



2. Holiday Outfit Ideas – TIPS & TRICKS

If you do not know what outfits to opt for, you can be inspired by current trends while taking into account your preferences. But, in order to have a starting point, it can be useful to study some possible variants, which will provoke your imagination and creativity. So, here are the most popular outfit ideas for a beach holiday:

  • Marine outfit

Even if, at first sight, a sailor outfit may be too common for a beach holiday, things are, in fact, different! This print has proven over time that it does not go out of style, but returns to trends in almost every season. So, if you like this model, do not hesitate to wear it, because you will definitely be trendy and attractive!

  • All white

A white outfit is an excellent choice when going to sea. You have the freedom to test light pieces, perfect for a relaxed walk. But also steamy clothes (dresses, skirts, flared pants, blouses, etc.). Which can be worn when going to a stylish restaurant in the evening or on a terrace on cliff. Also, such an approach is easy to put into practice. Because the possibilities are innumerable and you will certainly find white articles that fit you perfectly.

  • Linen pieces

Flax is one of the most pleasant materials recommended especially on hot summer days. Surely you have noticed that those who live in desert, arid or very hot areas choose such materials. Because they absorb moisture well, but let the skin breathe at the same time, as it removes this moisture very quickly. Flax is also one of the most resistant fibers in the world, it is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.



3. Holiday outfit and accessories

 wear on beach vacation?

Even if you have set up all the clothes you are going to take in your luggage. It is mandatory not to forget the accessories. These have two great advantages. First of all, they can completely change the final look of an outfit, giving it a note of originality. Second, they can be a reliable help in the fight against high temperatures.

Beach accessories

So, you can focus on necklaces, bracelets (hand or foot), earrings or special rings. But you can also take sunglasses, caps, scarves or special hats, which will make you stand out from all points of view. All that matters is to integrate them properly in the chosen outfits. And, for sure, you will feel beautiful and appreciated.

Gold accessories, for example, fit very well with all white outfits. Because the contrast between white and gold is very beautiful. Ans being used in countless collections of great designers. And the silver ones are an excellent choice. Because they can be worn with white or black clothes. But also with other shades such as yellow, red, blue or green. But, if you like multicolored or neon accessories, they fit very well in a beach holiday.

Usually, when it comes to travel, there are not many restrictions in terms of clothing. Unless you participate in certain events or if you go to exclusive places. On the beach, for example, you can dress up as a hippie, boho chic or whatever you want.

What can you wear on beach vacation?

Of course, you must not forget hats, scarves and caps. They can give an original note to your outfit, while protecting you from the harmful rays of the sun. Hats are perfect for sports outfits, while hats and scarves can be combined with more elegant outfits. Find various models, to suit your taste and with which you can juggle freely, depending on your condition. The holiday is a good time to experience new things. So don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and use your imagination and creativity.



In conclusion, in the stay you will spend at the sea, you can wear a multitude of special outfits. All you have to do is research the options you have in your personal wardrobe. And create original combinations, perfect for such a context. Take into account all the necessary criteria and elements. And select the pieces that you consider a must. Also think how the same outfits can be worn several times in different ways.

Hope this article ”Beach Outfits – What can you wear on beach vacation?” served you well. Visit our web store URS FASHION for the latest collection of beach gowns and dresses.


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