Have you ever thought about the shape of the neckline when you buy blouses, tops or other types of clothes? Beyond the multitude of lines that designers make for certain models the neckline has the role of highlighting the qualities of the body. Moreover, it can hide some flaws of the silhouette, give clarity to the clothing style and highlight physical strengths, which you would not have thought of. So here in this article we have shared neckline types-find out which neckline benefit you!

Even if most people consider that the choice of the neckline is a choice related to taste. But in reality it is a secret of a clothing nature and a detail of cuts, which you should consider, if you want to compliment your figure.

Find out further what are the most popular types of cleavage and how to make the right choice, taking into account the particularities of your body.


1. The importance of the neckline

With so many blouses, dresses, tops, t-shirts, shirts or corsets around, are you sure you are making the right choice when it comes to neckline? According to clothing design specialists, to make sure you wear the right piece. You need to consider the shape of your body. Yes, the size of the bust is important, but the neckline refers to the outfit and cut that fit a silhouette. For example, the round neckline is the safest and most elegant choice for any bust size.

The neckline can optically lengthen the neckline, enhance the silhouette, provide a mysterious air and is the main factor in choosing jewelry. A suitable neckline can make a person look slimmer or taller. Also it gives volume or an elegant look, and brilliantly mask any defects.


2. Types of silhouette for choosing the neckline

The most important criterion in choosing a certain neckline for blouses and tops, is the conformation of your silhouette. To determine the type of figure, you need to measure the circumference of the shoulders, the circumference of the bust at the widest point, the circumference of the waist at the thinnest point and the circumference of the hip in the widest area.

So, to make sure that you know how to correctly associate the shape of the body with that of the neckline, find out what are the types of silhouettes and what characteristics each has:

2.1 Even or triangle silhouette

People with a pear-shaped figure have small and delicate shoulders, small or medium-sized breasts, and the hips and back are more voluptuous. The neck is not too long, and the difference between the upper and lower part of the body is obvious.

2.2 Inverted triangle silhouette

The features of the inverted triangle silhouette are the large bust and shoulders, the narrow hips, the flat back and a very poorly defined waist. In general, the volume at the bottom is recommended for this silhouette.

2.3 Hourglass silhouette or X

Many might consider the hourglass type as the perfect silhouette, as drawn through the ring. The bust and thighs form a particularly harmonious body line, and the silhouette is well defined, sensual.

2.4 Apple or oval silhouette

The kilograms are easily deposited in the abdomen area, so people with an apple-like figure have a prominent waist, which is not well defined. The body shapes are completely rounded, and the bust is quite large.

2.5 Androgynous or rectangular silhouette

In the case of this type of figure, the shoulders are almost the same width as the waist and thighs, while the breasts and buttocks are not well defined. We are talking about a boyish form, but on which many clothing tricks can be done.


3. Types of necklines

When you want to buy some dresses, gowns, tops or blouses. You really need to know if their shapes will advantage or disadvantage your figure and, consequently, your entire outfit. This cut detail can help you choose the right outfits, use the clothes, accessories, volumes and materials correctly. To create a balanced image of your anatomy. Here are the most popular types of necklines:

3.1 V-neck or Anchor neckline

V-neck or Anchor necklineOrange Jumpsuit With Criss Cross BackNavy Blue Plunge Neck Gown

In general, this type of neckline benefits almost any figure, but most compliments the pear type. If you opt for V-neck blouses, you should know that the sides of the clothes extend over the shoulders at each end. In the middle, the fabric shrinks quickly and forms a V-like appearance.

The anchor neckline gives the impression of a larger bust and visually lengthens the neck, which creates an infusion of sensuality. V-neck garments are usually suitable for women with small or medium busts. If this type of neckline is spent, then it will best highlight an hourglass-type silhouette, in which case the shape will benefit a more generous bust.

3.2 Straight Across neckline

Straight Across necklineStraight Across neckline Straight Across neckline

Neckline that goes straight from one side to the other, extending from one shoulder and then over the chest to the other shoulder. If you prefer blouses with such a neckline, you should know that they can have sleeves that fall from the shoulder down.

The Straight Across neckline can also have a sleeveless look that extends exclusively to the top of the garment. Usually, this type also includes almost invisible straps on each shoulder to support the clothing.

3.3 Round neckline

Round neckline   Round neckline Round neckline

We can strongly say that it is one of the most common types of cleavage, both for blouses and tops, as well as for dresses. Compliment the even figure, respectively the women who have narrow shoulders and small breasts. The round neckline is perfect to create the illusion of a generous bust because it offers a lot of balance to the silhouette. It is not a sophisticated cut at all, so it can be approached during the day, but also for evening outfits.

3.4 Halter neckline

Halter necklineHalter necklineHalter neckline

He successfully manages to take advantage of the inverted triangle silhouette. The Halter neckline can be Strap, with the straps from the sides of the chest to the back of the neck, or Top. When the shoulders and arms are completely bare and the neckline covers the collarbone.

The main feature of the Halter type neckline is that it distracts attention from the waist and focuses it on the breasts. One of the areas of the body that can boast women who have inverted triangle silhouette. The Halter neckline gives a sexy note to the whole look and creates the impression of wider shoulders.

3.5 Asymmetrical neckline

Asymmetrical neckline Asymmetrical necklineAsymmetrical neckline

It fits the inverted triangle silhouette, just like the Halter one. People with such a body shape can juggle the details of cuts when it comes to blouses and tops. The asymmetrical variants fit perfectly, because they give the impression of narrower shoulders, are bold and modern, and are characterized by a single strap over the bust and shoulder.

3.6 Take off Sweetheart

Take off SweetheartTake off SweetheartTake off Sweetheart

Perfect for the hourglass silhouette, the heart-shaped neckline is very popular and appreciated. It draws attention to the breast area. And is a suitable option for both women with large busts and those with small busts. Dresses, tops and blouses tailored with such detail, express the idea of ​​spontaneity and cheerfulness.

3.7 Take off Square

Take off Square Take off Square Take off Square

If you are among the people who have an apple silhouette. Then the square neckline will give a refined and seductive line to the bust. It is designed in the form of three sides of a square along the neck and shoulders, and over the bust there is a line of fabric that forms the base of the square.

For Square neckline there may be shoulder-mounted sleeves to form two additional straight lines. The neckline can also have shoulder straps, which are straight and keep the clothes in place. This type of neckline is often seen on blouses that are worn all year round and range in fabrics, from airy summer cotton to thick winter silks.

3.8 Scoop neckline

Scoop necklineScoop necklineScoop neckline

It looks like a round and wide neckline and has been a staple of fashion for decades. We can say about the Scoop neckline, that it is both modern and traditional. It starts at the shoulder with two wide straps placed at each end and deepens downwards, where it creates a deep U-shape, which usually ends just above the bust. With a Scoop neckline, the backs of some blouses are completely covered, almost to the collarbone.

3.9 Cowl neckline

Cowl necklineCowl necklineCowl neckline

Original and very fresh, this wonderful cleavage takes full advantage of the apple-type silhouette. It is a draped pattern, considered somewhat old-fashioned, which we often see in the winter months, because it provides an easy way to add warmth around the neck.

The Cowl neckline distracts attention from the waist area, which is not so well defined in the apple-type silhouette and highlights the bust and neck area, giving the impression of a thinner waist.

3.10 Boat neckline

Boat neckline Boat neckline Boat neckline

In other words, a boat neckline that varies from Bateau Flair, ie at the base of the neck, to Bateau Boat. Respectively a wider boat neckline, extended on the shoulders.

The boat neckline fits the androgynous figure in particular. It is usually wide, designed to stretch horizontally in front from one shoulder to another. It is considered chic and feminine, enriches the chest line and sweetens the overall look. The right pieces to create the desired shapes are blouses and tops with horizontal stripes or midi dresses, molded on the body.

3.11 Jewel neckline

Jewel necklineJewel neckline   Jewel neckline

It resembles the round neckline, only it is taller, has the shape of a necklace and is semi-low-cut. It extends over the bust to cover the entire area, including the collarbones. The Jewel neckline forms a kind of circle at the top that resembles a necklace, hence its name.

Sometimes, the wonderful blouses and tops with Jewel neckline can have short or even long sleeves, which cover the entire upper torso. However, the neckline is very common without sleeves.

3.12 Neckline Spaghetti Strap

Neckline Spaghetti Strap Neckline Spaghetti Strap Neckline Spaghetti Strap

If you appreciate thin straps then you must go for Spaghetti Strap. Also you should know that this Spaghetti Strap neckline is central around the use of two small. Thin straps that support the top of the tops. This cleavage is often combined with other types of cleavage, such as the heart-shaped cleavage, or it can flatten the body in a straight look.


Wrap !!!

So wrapping this post ”neckline types-find out which neckline benefit you!” Turn this clothing lesson into your own guide for choosing the most beautiful outfits that will make your figure stand out. Be careful to never forget the types of neckline that suits you. And to choose only those clothes with special cuts, which can balance your outfit. There are so many other neckline designs you can check out in our store or also on google.

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