The Christmas holidays become an excellent opportunity to show off a dream dress. Especially if you have been invited to an elegant party or a refined party. Or the events for which it is a must to choose a dress that represents us in everything our style. So, here is an article on ”How to dress for an elegant Christmas party”

We don’t risk making the wrong outfit by relying on URS FASHION proposals, a guarantee of femininity and enhancement of one’s strengths.



During the Christmas people get invited to a particularly elegant party. Or it can happen that even in the family tradition calls for the choice of a refined outfit. There are those who organize a slightly more accurate Sunday lunch and those who prefer to dedicate themselves to the creation of a real home gala.

In both cases it is absolutely forbidden to disfigure. It therefore becomes important to opt for a dress that highlights our beauty. And also that allows us to be in place on a day of celebration. URS FASHION outfits very well worn for an elegant Christmas appointment. Such as a party with a refined invitation, at the home of friends or family.


How to choose the most suitable dress for Christmas? 

It all depends on the tone of the party in which we participate. In a large house and with adequate spaces it is possible to set up a very elegant Christmas party. For which an evening dress of a certain importance will have to be chosen.

For Christmas Eve, eyes focused on long dresses with an evident charm. While for lunch we can also opt for comfortable jumpsuits and refined jacket-trouser suits with precious details. You have to feel comfortable with the awareness of wearing a small masterpiece of style and materials, just like the URS dresses.

Let’s not forget to always keep the Christmas palette as a reference, the colors that have always symbolized this time of year. At Christmas, as we know, the main color nuance is undoubtedly red, in all its shades. But there are other colors that come into play in the palette dedicated to the holidays: bottle green, midnight blue and the timeless colors-non-colors black and white.

Of course, everything must be enriched by traditional metallic shades, silver and gold. But rose gold is also one of the most popular shades, to choose for accessories that complete the look, such as shoes, bags and jewels.

Now lets see ”How to dress for an elegant Christmas party”



Let’s go into specifics and see what could be excellent outfits to attend a Christmas party. Tartan is the most accredited fantasy when it comes to winter fashion. A tartan dress could be too excessive. However, it is better to opt for a dress. That only partially presents this fantasy, such as in the skirt or bodice.


sequin party dresses


For Christmas, sequins are almost a must. I think this is the most suitable time of year to wear them without clashing with the context. The shimmering effect is typical of the winters. But also in this case a sequined total look could have too bulky an impact on the allure of elegance we want to communicate. Better to choose a dress that has some sequin applications in the right places. Aimed at enhancing a neckline or a particular cut of the dress.







metallic party dresses


The metallic effect is particularly loved these days. A dress declined in shades of gold and silver will make a good impression. But be careful when choosing the color based on the undertone of your skin. To enhance a warm complexion, it will be necessary to wear shades of gold. While to enhance a cold undertone it will be necessary to wear shades of silver.








lace party dresses


Even lace makes its way among the most popular fabrics of the festive mood. Lace dresses combine sensuality with elegance, playing with transparencies. Lace formal dresses are especially recommended for girls or women. Who want to show off a captivating and trendy look even for Christmas.








velvet party dresses


Velvet accompanies tartan in the definition of the Christmas fabric par excellence. It can be declined in infinite models of dresses. From the midi wrap dress to the long and enveloping one. Passing through the velvet one-piece suits, extremely warm, comfortable and above all elegant .









tulle party dresses


Finally, honorable mention also for tulle. A fabric that is usually associated with warmer times of the year. A dress with several layers of tulle or with inserts of this fabric. In targeted points of the structure can prove to be an excellent style ally for festivities.








Here I wrap this article ”How to dress for an elegant Christmas party”. It’s time to choose the look to show off at Christmas. And URS FASHION has the right dress for your exclusive party. Whether you dress up to enjoy with friends and family at home or in an exceptional location.


Discover URS FASHION for the most important events and choose the model capable of enhancing your personality and your physicality. Many cuts and colors are available. We always guarantee maximum freedom to express who you are through the dress you wear.



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