Hip Hop Fashion: How it was born?

Hip Hop Fashion: How it was born?

Hip Hop Fashion: How it was born?

Hip Hop Fashion: How it was born?

Do you know who invented Hip-Hop Fashion? How did Hip-Hop came into fashion and how it started? If not then this is the article ”Hip Hop Fashion: How it was born?” Where you’ll get all your answers. This is how fashion began: from Chanel’s suit shows to Cristian Dior’s femme fatale, the classy style that everyone dreamed of.

But even if the classic never goes out of fashion, there have been many styles born over time until today, born not thanks to the ideas of great stylists but from the people. Among these stands out the hip hop style, also called Streetwear.

His ascent on the catwalks was initially quite difficult, in order to conquer them he had to trick them starting initially from other fields.


How the hip hop style was born?

How the hip hop style was born?

The hip hop style was born in the 90s in America. HIP-HOP means “knowledge (HIP) and leap/movement (HOP)”. In fact, this style was initially born as a musical movement, later taking a position also in culture. The first “followers” of this style were black people who practiced it in the ghettos of large US urban areas. The musical themes spoke of the social claim and the difficult life.

Over time this style begins to conquer an ever wider field up to the first white rappers. Hip hop style thus becomes a tool to break down interracial borders and conquer a place in society despite the fact that the concept that this hip hop style was something rough. And vulgar still persisted in people of a certain class.


Hip-Hop entry into the world of fashion

Hip-Hop entry into the world of fashion

Only in the 70s did the so-called turning point in the hip hop style take place.
By now even the most famous stylists will recognize this new style along with others who came forward in this period.

To name a few, the style of glam rock, hippy and punk who define their dress codes without following the rigid canons dictated until then by high fashion.

Hip hop was thus born as an evolution from the concept of punk and if initially the rappers were those who used to wear sweatshirts. And loose-fitting shirts accompanied by baseball caps, as we know today this is no longer the case.

Today the hip hop style has acquired so much success that it has managed to conquer even luxury brands with the “underground” style.

Today there are many rappers who exalt the luxurious lifestyle by almost competing for who has the most expensive jeans, such as shoes, shirts, etc.

From this new fashion, born on the streets, among the black population and as a symbol of a new era. That was advancing, collaborations began to arise with famous brands to create capsule collections. Such as: Pharell with Adidas, Kanye with Nike initially and later with Louis Vuitton and Adidas.

Not only in America but also in Italy, famous rappers such as Sfera Ebbasta or Gue Pequeno collaborate with famous brands such as Nike, creating luxury products.


Reaching the peak


In 2019, a study by PwC and Hypebcast estimated that streetwear represented about 10% of the entire global market of clothes and accessories. This made it possible to trigger a process of democratization of fashion by radically changing the dynamics of brands.

Streetwear that officially becomes “the informal and youthful style of clothing. Typical of boys and girls who practice rap, skate or break dance” officially becomes a style of clothing.


How to dress Hip-Hop

How to dress Hip-Hop

We must not get confused, even this style as mentioned above even if it is a code not dictated by “rules” still has rules to be respected for those who want to respect this style.

Here is the list of tips and tricks to follow:

  1. Pants: the first rule to follow is how to choose pants. These must be very large (these are the classic baggies) characterized by back pockets sometimes decorated with stylized graffiti in bright colors;
  2. T-shirt: This garment must necessarily be at least one size larger than what you have, it must be wide and very long. As for the style we find monochrome t-shirts, with writings and drawings;
  3. Sweatshirt: for those who prefer a hood, especially for the winter months, the mega sweatshirt is a must. This too can be with large drawings and stylized graffiti both with and without a zip. Important thing: it must be very colorful;
  4. Necklace: it is one of the essential accessories for this style. Usually the most popular ones are with a chain and medallion, sometimes those with your own gold-plated name. Or with the dollar sign or your favorite brand are also used. For those who want to be even more daring there are also rings. Which must not go unnoticed and the famous bracelets with gold chains and classic cloth cuffs;
  5. Shoes: Here we can well say that there are many shoes on the market. It doesn’t make much difference so it is mainly a question of personal taste. You can opt for the high shoe signed Nike up to the low shoe a little skater style signed DC;
  6. Hats: the last but fundamental accessory is the classic cap with visor. It is the must have of hip hop style. One of the main brands is the New Era brand (NY). A brand that has produced the most varied models but also limited editions inspired by Marvel comics.




Hope this article ”Hip Hop Fashion: How it was born?” was informative. These are all the tips for flawless hip hop style. Of course, to be consistent, let’s remember that this style is not just a matter of clothing. But above all culture and therefore a lifestyle.

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